Frequently Asked Questions

For Employers located in Japan

Q1. What is the rate of your consulting Fee?

Ans. We usually charge 30%-35% (on an average) of the annual salary of each successful placement. The fee depends on the type of industry, assignment and also the way you would like to work with us. Please call us for details.

Q2. What is warrantee period you offer?

Ans. Usually, our policy is 90 days with partial refund. The refund policy also depends on the type of project.

Q4. How do you generate Talents?

Ans. We are a research based Executive Search Firm. Therefore, more than 90% of our Talents have been generated from Head Hunting/Direct Approach. The remaining 10% are from referrals, advertisement, events, scouting, and so on.

Q5. We are working with many Agencies and have business agreements with them. We do not want to increase the number of Agencies right now; however, we want to see the quality of talents that you can introduce to us. Can you work with us before we make an

Ans. Yes, why not. We can verbally agree with the basic terms & conditions. Once our Talents start interviewing with you, we can proceed with the formal agreement.

Q6. Do you help Internal Recruitment Teams with market information such as salary info., conducting professional interviews, tips for choosing the best talents, writing professional job specifications, etc.?

Ans. Yes, we would try our best to provide you updated market information and also assisting your recruitment team to improve their skills in writing professional job specifications, interview techniques that may help in learning how to choose the best talent from a pool, etc.

Q7. Apart from the recruitment consulting fee, do you charge for additional services such as writing job specifications, interview training, etc.?

Ans. No. As a specialized and professional Executive Search company, this is the minimum that we can do for your company. Working together may make life simple and bring maximum happiness to both parties.

Q8. We have very confidential open roles. We do not want to make it in public. Can you help us find the right talent without any advertisement and keeping information confidential?

Ans. Yes. We can keep your recruitment information 100% confidential and introduce you to talent without making any advertisement. This is one of our strengths.

Q9. We are searching for talents for our overseas office(s). Can you help us finding top notch talent for our overseas requirements?

Ans. Yes. As Research and Head Hunting are our strengths, we can assist you in an overseas search as well.

Q10. We would like to establish new office(s) overseas. We need to hire Executive level talent who can kick off our overseas businesses. Can you help us finding talents for our overseas start up?

Ans. Yes. It depends on your requirements.

For Employers located Overseas

Q1. We are based in overseas and trying to access to Japan Market. Can you help us finding top-notch Executive or staff level Talents?

Ans. Yes. We can assist you regardless of your current location as far as we have access to telephone and email. For your information, we are licensed by the Japanese Ministry of Labour, and have permission for Talent search activities all over Japan.

Q2. We are a start up in Japan and do not have big budget to have a permanent internal recruitment team. Do you think we can fill our openings without having a recruitment team?

Ans. Yes. You can. If you ask for our suggestion, we would simply suggest you to outsource your recruitment function to a Licensed Recruitment Agency. You may also advertise your openings in the portal recruitment site.
The possibility that you may find the right talent is very low or zero. This is because of a cultural issue. Japanese usually do not change their jobs a lot. If they have to, most of them prefer not to have direct interaction with the employer. They prefer having assistance from a professional intermediary. You may try not involving any intermediary in order to reduce your cost but the chance that you can find great talent without any assistance from intermediary is very low or even zero. At the end of the day, if your project ends up in failure, you may realize your big loss in monetary and also time.

Question 3

Answer to Question 3
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Q3. We are based overseas and have Japanese clients in the local market. We need someone from Japan who can speak native or business level of Japanese and take care of our Japanese clients. Can you help us finding such Executive or staff-level Talents?

Ans. Yes. We have experience placing Japanese overseas. As long as you sponsor a working visa, this should be fine.

For Talents (Job Seekers) located in Japan

Q1. If I register with your company, do I have to pay for your services?

Ans. No. We do not charge Talents. We would try our best to assist you in finding your dream job. To do that, you may need help on market information, professional resume writing, interview preparation and training etc. Our career consultants will spend time with you so that everything goes smoothly until you find your dream job. You do not need to pay a single yen for those services.

Q2. I have never changed jobs. This is the first time that I am thinking about changing my job for further career growth. I don’t know where to start or what to do. Can you help me on this?

Ans. Yes, we are here for you. No matter whether you have changed job before or not, please contact us directly and discuss with our career consultants. They will guide you until you find your dream job.

Q3. I am a Japanese national and speak fluent level of English. I want to have overseas work experience. Can you help me finding job in overseas?

Ans. It depends on the situation. If you need a work permit, it may not be easy for us to help you find a job overseas; unless our Japan based clients need talent for their overseas offices.

Q4. If I submit my resume to Black Pigeon to help me in finding a job, will my personal information be secure and safe?

Ans. Your personal information will be treated as highly confidential. We are abiding by the Privacy Policy Law of Japan. Black Pigeon as a company will not disclose your personal information to a third party without your written consent.

Q5. How long does it take to find a new job?

Ans. It usually takes 2-5 weeks on an average (From resume submission to final offer). But it depends on the seniority level, urgency of employer and also how you prioritize your job hunting activities.

Q6. I am currently working for a Japanese company. I want to move to Gaishikei but do not speak English at all. Without any English skills, is it possible to start a career with the Gaishikei?

Ans. Yes, it’s possible. It depends on the type of position. If the position needs to do lot of collaboration with overseas businesses, English skills may be mandatory.

Q7. I am a foreign national; I do not speak good level of Japanese. Can I find a job in Japan?

Ans. Without a minimum level of Japanese language skills (JLPT level 1 or 2), it is quite challenging finding a job here. Talents who possess strong technical/IT/Engineering skills may find opportunity without having very strong Japanese language skills.

For Talents (Job Seekers) located in Overseas

Q1. I am a Japanese national but work overseas. I want to find a job in Japan. Can Black Pigeon help me with finding a job in Japan?

Ans. Yes, we can help you. Please bear in mind that, you may need to be flexible in job category or industry preference. Many employers are quite strict in their hiring requirements such as having work experience in Japanese market.

Q2. I am a foreign national and work in overseas. I want to find a job in Japan. Can Black Pigeon help me on that?

Ans. This is not our common practice. It is extremely difficult to find a job in Japan without having a strong command in Japanese language. If you know Japanese and have special qualifications such as Computer Programming experience in Finance or Gaming, you may find a job in Japan. If you are one of these super talents, please drop us email along with a resume.

Q3. Does Black Pigeon provide VISA Sponsorship to work in Japan?

Ans. Unfortunately, we do not sponsor any visa for talents based overseas.

For Alliance Partners

Q1. I am an individual Freelance Recruiter. I want to work under a licensed Recruitment company with Freelance agreement. Will Black Pigeon be interested working with me?

Ans. Yes. If you are an experienced Recruiter and respect the local legal issues such as privacy policy, we would be very happy to work together as an Alliance Partner.

Q2. If I want to tie up with Black Pigeon what are the steps that I need to follow?

Ans. (i) You have to be based in Japan, (ii) We need to discuss further (iii) If we are verbally agree, we will be going through Partnership Agreement (iv) If both parties are fine with the Agreement, then we can sign it for a particular period of time. The contract can be renewed based on your performance.

Q3. If I tie up with Black Pigeon as a Freelance Recruiter, what are facilities that I can expect from BP?

Ans. This type of information is very confidential. Therefore, we encourage you to discuss in person.

Q4. We are a Recruitment Company based in Overseas. We need Business Partner in Japan, possess Recruitment Licenses and want to work with us. Will Black Pigeon be interested working with us?

Ans. Yes. We have few alliance partners. If your specializations match ours, we will be very happy to have alliance partnership through signing legal agreements.